Our Story

Reinhard Gorenflos with TuaRes participants

The TuaRes Foundation was founded in 2012, by Reinhard Gorenflos. Reinhard spent part of his childhood in Burkina Faso while his father served as the German Ambassador to Upper Volta.

This experience proved to be foundational and he has since felt a unique connection with the country. Following a successful career in private equity, Reinhard was inspired by his own children to create the TuaRes Foundation.

Since 2012, TuaRes has evolved to provide inclusive and holistic programs for vulnerable girls, their families, and their communities. We do this by the removing financial barriers and working together through the social barriers to education that the girls face on a daily basis. We help the girls not only stay in school but to thrive in school. We empower girls to build leadership skills, develop their self-esteem, and prepare them for life outside of school with professional and personal development trainings.

Our programs not only enrich the lives of our girls, but we also built teacher capacity, support the school administration, and work with families to help them develop new opportunities.

Reinhard, and the entire team at TuaRes, is driven by the Latin principle: “Tua res agitur” or “It is your cause.” The future of girls’ education cannot be the work of one single person, rather, it is, and needs to be, our universally shared cause. We invite you to join us in this cause.

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