Our Program

Our academic interventions happen in existing public and private schools. These partnerships help to strengthen parent associations, build teacher and administration capacity, and widen the reach of our impact.

Our interventions are divided into two categories: School Level support and Post School support. Click below to learn more about how we support girls' education:

School Level Support

  • Basic School

    Our Basic School program is focused on removing material barriers to education.

    In order to do this, TuaRes offers:

    Food aid 
    All girls are provided with a daily school canteen, which is critical as hunger is linked with difficulty concentrating and low information retention.

    Material support 
    In order to ensure that education does not harm the family economically, TuaRes pays pay the girls' school fees, and also provides each girl with an annual school kit that includes books, pens, notebooks and other necessities like hygiene kits. To encourage outside learning such as homework and reading, we also give each girl a solar lamp, so they can study in the evening. Some of the girls must walk very long distances to school, which can pose a security threat. In those cases, we are able to provide the girls with bicycles.

    Psychological Support 
    A trained psychologist works at each of our project sites to provide guidance and emotional support. The psychologists' work with the girls, their families, and local communities to educate and promote the value of girls' education through information campaigns. We work with international partners to provide the girls with sexual education so that each girl is able to make informed choices and seek healthy relationships.

    Tuition Classes 
    TuaRes recruits and trains teachers at the schools to give tuition classes to reinforce their regular lessons. These classes are particularly helpful for the girls to gain confidence in their regular school subjects.

  • Health Checks

    Eye exams 
    It's difficult for students to succeed if they cannot see the chalkboard. We work with a partner organization to provide girls with annual eye exams and glasses.

    Emergency support for more serious illnesses
    In the case of more serious illnesses, we have set up an emergency fund that will allow us to provide financial support if the parents can not afford a treatment.

  • Skills for the Future

    The Skills for the Future program aims to increase girls' professional capacities. These programs use original curricula developed by TuaRes:

    This is accomplished by our offering of:

    Girls Tech
    Our computer literacy program focuses on basic computer manipulation, knowledge, security, and research.

    English Excellence (Sunshine)
    Though English is offered in regular classes, we use these classes as an opportunity to focus on listening and speaking abilities.

  • Life Skills

    The Life Skills program is centered around our annual summer camp.

    The summer camp is open to the girls at or near the top of their class. The aim of the camp is to emphasize practical education and to promote self-esteem.

    In addition to sessions focused on self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork, there are annual sessions on how to repair bicycles, on how to administer first aid, and on self-defense. Girls from all project sites are invited and are encouraged to make friends and to socialize.

Post School Support

  • Learn to Earn Programs

    The Learn to Earn programs target the professional development of vulnerable girls and their mothers.

    Professional Training
    Girls who express interest in leaving traditional academic school can be eligible for additional support at vocational school. They chiefly study to become tailors, beauticians, nurses and teachers.

    Income Generating Activities
    The mothers of the sponsored girls are afforded the opportunity to participate in our VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) trainings or to start small businesses.

  • Next Generation

    The Next Generation program supports girls after their graduation from both secondary school and the TuaRes program.

    The Dr. Anja Hermes University Scholarship
    This four-year university scholarship is awarded to each year's best performing TuaRes sponsor.

    TuaRes Alumnae Network
    Throughout the year, TuaRes organizes professional development and networking opportunities for graduates of the TuaRes program.

To learn more about the impact of our programs, please follow this link ->